FINALLY! Everything you need to create & CA$H in with your content

Create your message, get visible, drive traffic, build
your list, create profitable info-products, and more!

When We Say Everything You Need to Create & CA$H In with Your Content...

Everyday our hundreds of members tell us how Insidyrs help them build their online business with all the training, resources, tools, and proven advice they need.

Better than telling you all about it... here's a little taste of what you're about to have instant access to...

In each of your trainings, you'll get one of these powerful sessions:


WEEK 1 - Jeff's Training Sessions

Jeff brings his wealth of experience building businesses with content marketing, including the 5 Pillars of Online Success, The 21 Step Certainty Blueprint, and all the up to date, leading edge, what's working now training you could ever need.

WEEK 2 - MasterMind Q & A

We call this a MasterMind Q & A because we don't simply give you just an answer to your question. We take your question and build your business around the answers. You'll draw on both Jeff's extensive experience and the power of the very creative and generous group.

WEEK 3 - Spotlight Consults

Who wants to be in an uncomfortable "hot seat" when you can so greatly benefit from a "Spotlight Consult"? Jeff and the MasterMind will focus in on one part of your business and you'll leave with great tools and strategies to build your profitable business around.

WEEK 4 - Group Coaching Sessions

Once a month, Jeff brings in colleagues and experts in the areas you need to know about to build your business. You can stop attending all those "fluff-n-pitch" webinars and simply focus on just what you need to know to build a powerful and profitable lifestyle business.

No matter your niche, the internet comes down to 5 fundamentals.
As an Insidyr, you'll master these 5 Fundamentals.


Content Creation

Consistent content creation allows you to play at a level in which the competition does not even know there's a game going on. Consistent content creation allows you to write your own success ticket online. You'll get all the tools and strategies you need.

Social Visibility

Discover which of the "Big 6" social media platforms are right for you and master them to build your social visibility. You'll learn what to post and when, and how to best profit with social media!

Traffic Generation

You'll discover the secrets of free and paid traffic, the 4 Rules of Traffic, how to create your very own evergreen traffic machines. Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy of GKIC have called Jeff "a living legend of free traffic generation."

List Building

Discover and master the 5 steps to building a highly responsive list community of gold. You'll learn how to take great care of your list community and how doing so allows your list community to take great care of you.

Product Creation

Like so many things online, Product Creation has been made much to hard. Whether it's your first info-product or your 10th, you'll discover how to see product opportunities in all you do, and even how to get your customers to pay you to create your next (for first) info-product.

And you'll enjoy 24/7 access to these powerful bonuses!

The Power of Repurposing

Discover how to work once and get visibility, traffic, subscribers, and profit over and over again from repurposing your content. This is HOW to work smarter instead of harder!

Results Now Psychological Edge

Here's another bonus you won't find anywhere else because no other mentor online has the background I do. Creating and running a profitable online business is not as easy as the "goo-roos" would have you believe. For 25 years I was a counseling psychologist in private practice helping folks just like you make the changes they wanted.So you'll also get exclusive training in: Mindset Matters - Stress Mastery - Goal Setting & Goal Getting - Change Mastery - Motivation Mastery - And Much More!

Jeff's Info-Products

And here's something you've never seen before anywhere! As part of your Insidyrs membership you'll get all of my best selling info-products and resources forĀ FREE! This includes all future products as long as you're a member. PLUS significant discounts on products I do with partners. AND significant discounts on any products I recommend from colleagues.

The Certainty Blueprint

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had to start over from scratch with what you know now? Jeff has and he's turned it into "The Certainty Blueprint" - 21 steps that make your online success "simply certain."

Facebook MasterMind Group

Enjoy 24/7 access to brainstorming, masterminding, and getting your questions answered, with the most creative and generous group on entrepreneurs online!

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